5 Tips to Clean Windows Without Streaks

clean windows

When it comes to spring cleaning, cleaning windows can be a difficult and demanding task that requires a lot of attention to detail and effort. It requires the use of the right cleaning tools and techniques to achieve a streak-free shine. By following these tips, you can make window cleaning a lot easier and achieve a…

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Maintaining a Clean Home When You’re Depressed

clean home

Depression can happen to anyone. Maintaining an organized and clean home is not always easy, especially when going through a depressive episode. Depression can make even the simplest of tasks feel overwhelming and exhausting. However, keeping your home clean and tidy is an essential part of self-care, and it can also help improve your mood.…

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5 Ways to Swap to Green Cleaning

Spring is in full swing and we couldn’t be more excited. Goodbye cold weather and hello sunshine! As we begin this new season, I Care Cleaning is here for all things cleaning services for the greater Indianapolis area. Today, we wanted to discuss the importance of swapping to green cleaning. Earth Day is right around…

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Spring Cleaning Checklist

spring cleaning checklist

Are you considering how to kick off your seasonal cleaning? Take a look at this comprehensive list for spring cleaning and effortlessly organize your living space.  The season of spring brings with it delightful flowers, fresh breeze, and a wonderful ambiance. All that sunshine can highlight the clutter that crept up during the winter. There’s…

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How to get rid of Winter salt stains

winter salt stains

Don’t get salty while tackling salt stains! Let I Care Cleaning help you to learn the quickest and most efficient way to get rid of salt stains. During the height of the winter months, salt residue can appear everywhere and become an issue for your vehicles, clothing and flooring.  Salt is a cold climate necessity…

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10 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Like the Holidays

make your home smell like the holidays

The Holidays are here! That wondrous time of year for reflecting on the memories of the year while celebrating with family and friends. At I Care Cleaning, we want to share some ideas to make your holiday time even cozier to make your home smell like the holidays. Adding holiday fragrances along with your decorations…

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