Things to Look for in a Commercial Cleaning Company in Greenfield

Commercial cleaning is a requirement for most businesses. It is important to do considerable research when searching for the ideal commercial cleaning company to meet your professional needs. I Care Cleaning wants everyone to make an informed decision when choosing their commercial cleaning company. Here are our top things to look for when searching for a commercial cleaning company in Greenfield.

A Good Reputation

Verify that a professional cleaning business has a good history of delivering top-notch work before you hire them for the job. You can do this by conversing with people who are already familiar with the services they offer, such as former clients who have had their offices or workspace cleaned by them. Additionally, you can check out customer reviews, as well as do some online research. Research into customer feedback allows you to get to know the professional cleaning company before even contacting them. 


Prior to selecting a cleaning service, it is important to be aware of plans offered by the company in terms of daily, weekly, or monthly. Having your ideal cleaning schedule ready will reduce any doubt concerning when you wish them to clean your home and meet your needs. .

Making sure your selected cleaning company is professional and organized is important to ensure the best service and experience possible. A professional commercial cleaning company in Greenfield should have experienced staff, offer a variety of professional cleaning services, and bring their own equipment and supplies. They should also be notably punctual and ready each time they visit. 

Commitment to Quality

A professional cleaning company should be committed to quality. Every cleaning should be thorough with attention to details without “off” days. The standard of cleaning should be the same for each visit from the first to the 100th. 

It is the responsibility of the company to make sure all their staff meet the standards expected by the company and you as a customer. This standard should be unheld in not only the level of cleanliness but also safety in the workplace for your space and themselves. 

Licensed and Fully Insured

In order to protect yourself and your business, any cleaning company you consider should be fully licensed and insured. Hiring a properly insured and licensed company protects you from the liability of workplace accidents such as personal injury or property damage. For most businesses, any outsourced work should be with companies fully insured and licensed. 

Secure and Confidential

Security and confidentiality can be especially important depending on the type of business you are looking to hire a cleaning service for. In order to protect your business and customers, ask if the cleaning company runs background checks on employees as well as has training on confidentiality. 

The Company Provides a Legal Contract

Legal documentation should be required by any professional cleaning company. This contract should outline the expectations of both parties regarding expected work, payments, and liabilities. Most cleaning companies offer free quotes and estimates for services that are later cemented by a contract. A contract provides credibility to a business relationship and holds both parties equally accountable in the event of theft, injury, or damages. 

Environmentally Friendly

Cleaning products, such as aerosols, have been notoriously impactful on the environment. Inquiring into a company’s steps to reduce environmental impact can protect your workplace. Companies that have taken steps to use less toxic chemicals or cleaning agents will reduce their environmental impact while also protecting their employees and your space from toxins. A professional cleaning company needs to be as environmentally friendly as possible. 

A Variety of Service Offerings

At the start of your journey to find your ideal professional cleaning company in Greenfield, take the time to write down all the cleaning services you need for your space. Do you need regular window cleaning? Do you want monthly carpet deep cleaning? What services will make sure my space is up to the clean standards I expect? 

Having an outline of the services you need will help you find the perfect match for your cleaning needs. A professional cleaning service should offer a wide variety of services. Consider companies that offer services you need and more in case of any future changes occur. That way you can continue the existing relationship and won’t have to search for a new company. 

Good References and Reviews

A commercial cleaning company in Greenfield should have an outward professional appearance such as active social media, a professional website, and prompt customer service. However, even if all these boxes are checked, it is important to research all references and reviews. Check google or social media to get a pulse as to what previous or existing customers have to say about a company’s service. 

Personal references and reviews give you a sense of the interaction you should expect before even contacting a company. Personal references from other business partners or associates will give you the most honest and trustworthy review of a cleaning company. Online reviews can be good for feeling out a company, but not all reviews are organic or natural. Negative reviews can likewise be false or out of proportion. They offer a window into how a company responds and remedies grievances and criticism. 

Do You Need the Services of a House Cleaning Company?

Remember when looking for a commercial cleaning company in Greenfield make sure the company:

  • Has a Good Reputation
  • Organized and Committed to Quality
  • Licensed and Insured 
  • Offers a Contract 
  • Confidential and Secure
  • Environmentally Friendly 
  • Offers a Variety of Services

If a company can meet all these requirements, they are likely to provide the best service possible in your area. When looking for a commercial cleaning company remember to value your instincts and trust yourself. Following these steps will lead you to a spotless workspace. Looking for a professional commercial cleaning company in Greenfield? Contact us with I Care Cleaning to see if we can meet your needs!

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